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Ruby Kim, MD

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This year, the Association of Korean American Medical Graduates (AKAM) is giving two scholarships to medical students from our community.

The AKAM Research Award will be given to Daniel Cho from Englewood Cliffs, NJ. The AKAM Service Award will be given to Christine Ha, from Old Tappan.

These awards were established by AKAM to address health concerns that specifically affect the Korean American community. Because Koreans have a different biology and culture, some health problems, like gastric cancer, or tuberculosis, or suicide, affect Koreans more.

The AKAM Research Award encourages students and researchers in our community to look more closely at these problems.

In the past, students who have won this award have specifically been interested in health problems for Korean American dry-cleaners, mental health conditions in Korean immigrants, and skin conditions that affect Korean American. Though the award is small (usually <$5000), the results of this award could lead to bigger studies.

The AKAM Service Award was added last year to help support Korean-American medical students interested in gaining experience doing medical missions. Both of these awards have been a way for Korean American physicians to give back to our community.

Daniel Cho is a sophomore in the Program for Liberal Medical Education (PLME) at Brown University. Daniel worked with the Korean Medical Program at Holy Name Medical Center during high school, and he is an Executive Board member on the Korean American Students Association (KASA) at Brown.

Daniel’s project, “Korean Immigrants in Healthcare: A Tale of Two Countries” is designed to look at differences in healthcare policy toward Korean immigrants in Europe and the United States.

Christine Ha is a graduate of Princeton University and will be a first-year medical student at Rutgers- New Jersey Medical School this coming fall.

Currently, she is working as an Intern in Asian Health Services at Holy Name Medical Center. This summer, she will be going on a mission trip to Morogoro, Tanzinia, with Grace Community Chapel to help establish a medical clinic.

Congratulations to both Daniel and Christine on these awards.










The Association of Korean American Medical Graduates (AKAM) is a physician organization dedicated to promoting awareness of healthcare issues that specifically affect Korean-Americans.   As the Korean population in the United States has grown, many physicians in the Korean-American community have recognized that some issues specifically affect the health of our community.  These issues can stem from our cultural heritage and belief system, our social standing in the larger community, and our underlying biologic differences.

Some examples of these issues include: increased rates of gastric cancer, liver cancer and lung cancer, differences in breast cancer among Korean women, increased rates of Hepatitis B infection, higher rates of cosmetic surgeries, higher rates of diabetes at lower Body Mass Index, high prevalence of tobacco use, higher rates of tuberculosis re-activation, higher suicide rates, poor access to care, and problems with elder and end-of-life care. 

To help address some of these problems, AKAM sponsors this grant/service award.  The award will be given to applicants pursuing either a research or service project which addresses different medical issues that specifically affect Korean-Americans.  The recipient of the award will receive a $5000 grant to support any expenses required for completion of the project.  The awardee is required to submit a summary of the project and to present the results at the AKAM Awards dinner.  

In addition, to help promote the growth of the next generation of physicians within our community, we will also offer sponsorship for Korean-American students or physicians who wish to participate in medical/humanitarian missions.  The amount awarded will be considered on a discretionary basis.  

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS:  Applicant must be enrolled in medical school, residency, or fellowship training program in the United States.  Each applicant must conduct the project in conjunction with a physician mentor or supervisor to oversee the project.  


FUNDING:  $5000 for research or service project.  Up to $2000 for medical mission.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE:  Please submit the following.  

1)  Updated curriculum vitae that includes:  

-  The applicant’s name and degree, mailing address, phone number and e-mail address

-  Current medical school, residency, fellowship or research program

2)  Project description:  For research projects, please include the title of the project, background and rationale, the purpose of the study, and methods with any relevant references.  For service projects, please include the rationale, purpose of the project, target population, and feasibility.  For a medical mission, a brief description will suffice.  The description should be limited to 500 words.  For each type of project a proposed budget must be submitted.

3)  Mentor statement.  A letter of support from the applicant’s faculty or collaborating mentor should be submitted confirming the proposed or current collaboration and the applicant’s current status in a graduate/medical/research training program.  If the applicant has a proposal but no identified mentor, AKAM can assist in locating one for the applicant. 

Please Email the Scholarship Application, Project Description, Mentor Statement to our officers at the following address:

The award and/or scholarship recipients will be notified by May 15, 2017.  


If you are interested in joining AKAM or sponsoring our organization, send us an inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can!
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