This year, the Association of Korean American Medical Graduates (AKAM) is giving awards to three medical students.  The Research Award will be given to Tony Kim from Baltimore, Maryland, and Yejin Kang from Boston, Massachusetts. The Service Award will be given to Eunice Lee from New York.

Tony Kim is currently a second year medical student at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.  Tony currently works in the Radiology Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at JHU, where he is planning to work on the “Development of a Deep Learning System for Automated Tuberculosis Screening.”  “Despite continuing efforts to eradicate the disease in the United States, TB incidence among Asian Americans continues to be 30 times that of the non-Hispanic Whites, posing a major public health challenge specific to Asian Americans.”  His project will focus on screening for tuberculosis using an artificial intelligence technique.

Ye jin Kang is a third year medical student at Harvard Medical School.  She is a Rhodes Scholar, with a Masters in Medical Anthropology and Public Policy.   She is also founder and co-director of Engage Korea, which is a “student-driven humanitarian and education initiative on the DPRK.”  This April, she organized a conference titled “Peace on the Korean Peninsula: The Health and Humanitarian Approaches” from Harvard Medical School.  “In the wake of political tensions, it is often aid groups that are the only means of connection with communities in the DPRK… [The Conference] will highlight the lessons to be learned from these professional aid workers…”       

Eunice Lee is an medical student and PhD candidate at Columbia University Medical School.  Eunice and co-president of the Korean American Medical Student Association. Eunice will be attending the Vision Care Eye Camp in Safi, Morocco.  Vision Care is an international relief organization dedicated to the prevention of blindness. This organization was founded by a Korean medical team from Myung Dong St Mary’s Eye Center in Seoul, under the leadership of Dr. Dong Hae Kim.  Vision Care runs week-long missions in developing countries to provide immediate ophthalmic treatments for patients who usually do not have access or resources to allow them to receive proper eye care.

Congratulations to Tony, Ye jin, and Eunice on these awards.  To see this younger generation of Korean-American physicians-in-training give back to the community in these different ways is truly gratifying.  

Student Conference at Harvard on DPRK 2018