AKAM – The Association of Korean American Medical Graduates, we are a volunteer organization of Korean-American physicians who are interested in the health issues that affect the Korean-American community.  


During the year we have many events where our AKAM members reach out to the community providing consultations and seminars on different healthcare topics.


For all of our visitors, members and sponsors, we’ve put together a collection of our member’s offices – providing you information by specialty and location.


Once a year we ask that those seeking a scholarship from AKAM to submit their applications and we will determine who is awarded the coveted prize.



 The Association of Korean-American Medical Graduates

AKAM is a volunteer organization of Korean-American physicians who are interested in the health issues that affect the Korean-American community.  

Over the past two decades, a generation of ethnically Korean physicians educated in the United States has matured, and developed expertise in different medical specialties.  Our members are physicians who share a common heritage, as well as physicians who recognize the specific health-related needs of this community.  




Based in New York and New Jersey, we mobilize our efforts at local health fairs, give health awareness seminars to local organizations, financially support local charitable organizations, publish monthly health related advice, award scholarships for medical student research and support medical students and doctors who volunteer their time for medical humanitarian missions. We welcome all physicians to join us at our regular networking events and volunteering efforts. Thank you for your interest.

– AKAM Executive Committee